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    Senior Physician Dr. Andreas B. (44) injected corona patients dead

    Since Wednesday, Dr. Andreas B. (44), senior physician in the intensive care unit of the Essen University Hospital, behind bars. The anesthetist is said to have injected two seriously ill Covid-19 patients to death because he explained their suffering, their hopeless ...
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    Merkel announces lockdown even after November

    The new lockdown in Germany should actually be "limited" until the end of November. It was literally in the resolution of the Prime Minister with the Chancellor last Wednesday. But on Monday, just ...
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    First German city does it like Sweden

    More and more seniors are getting infected with the corona virus - and that's why the city of Tübingen is now reacting! As in Sweden, she is fully committed to protecting the elderly! ...
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    Vaccine against corona no earlier than 2022

    Is everything all right again with a vaccine? Not quite, believes RKI virologist Thomas Mertens. The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission at the Robert Koch Institute assumes that a vaccine against Corona will ...
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    Pediatricians sound the alarm - that's how sick the corona crisis makes our little ones

    Corona burdens children's souls. According to a survey by Pronova BKK among 150 resident paediatricians, 89 percent observed an increase in psychological problems such as listlessness, irritability or anxiety disorders, including aggression and sleep disorders ...

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