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Around 22 million bacteria - bacteria in the mouth

There's a lot going on in our mouth

Not only that we use it regularly to eat, taste, swallow and kiss. It is also home to more than 22 million bacteria. Not bad - as long as you properly care for your mouth, teeth, and tongue!

There are 1,025,000 bacteria on the palate alone. They are part of the oral flora, which is primarily used to ward off pathogens in the mouth. The bacteria also help, for example, to break down protein and thus support digestion.

Where most bacteria roam in the mouth

Inside of the cheek

There are also around 1 166 000 bacteria on the inside of the cheek. One of them is Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans. It can exist with or without oxygen. So that the germ does not multiply inhibited, you should do a mouthwash without alcohol every day (30 seconds per cheek). Do it yourself: Dissolve a knife tip of toothpaste in 200 milliliters of water and gargle.

Tongue edges

There are around 2,800,000 bacteria on the edge of the tongue. The bacteria Treponema denticola feels very comfortable here like many others and can cause various gum diseases. To make them harmless, there are special tongue brushes with small bristles (about five euros in the pharmacy). It is best to use it every evening after brushing your teeth.


The gums are also a real bacterial spinner! About 5 200 000 live here. Among others, the Prevotella intermedia. This bacterium likes to sit in the interdental spaces and causes plaque there. This can cause periodontitis (inflammation and destruction of the tooth structure). Mouthwashes and dental floss keep the gums and interdental spaces clean.

Tongue surface

Most bacteria sit on the surface of the tongue, namely about 11 680 000. The Porphyromonas gingivalis is also among them. It is considered to be the cause of heart diseases because it can get into the walls of the blood vessels via the oral cavity. But that is the exception. The tongue should be cleaned regularly to prevent dangers. There are tongue scrapers (about 9.95 euros at Amazon).

If hygiene is poor, bacteria and foreign bodies can change the oral flora and weaken your immune function. This can lead to gum disease and bad breath!

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